Change Your Way Of Thinking It Will Change Your Life

Everyone is born with a capacity to be great in this life, but until we know how to use our minds effectively, we may never realize and release all that greatness we have within ourselves. So I am going to be sharing on how thoughts impact your life and therefore why...

How To Use Your Mind Effectively

They say that the greatest enemy you can ever have in your life is yourself. It is because of how the mind plays a vital role in the life of anyone regardless of race, gender, age etc. So I am going to share on how we limit ourselves of what we are capable of...

Coping With Academic Pressure

Everyone has a build in mechanism that enables them to respond to situations as well as acquired mechanisms that we can develop over time. I want to share on my approach to deal with academic pressure and how it can form part of your personal development. And to do so...

Dealing With Depression/Anxiety

As a student, one of the things that I have learned is that learning how to cope with academic pressure is vital for healthy living and personal growth. How you cope with everyday pressure can determine whether you end up being calm and peaceful or filled with anxiety...

Health And Fitness

Thanks for stoping by and read our blog post. Leave your comment below to stay in touch. Hi I am Tivani Baloyi and this is my website where i’ll be helping you understand what is afilliate marketing and how you can start your own online business and make profits. You...


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Health and Fitness

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy enough to go about with their daily activities, lets find out how we can maintain a healthy lifestyle with blog posts that offer health tips.

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